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The past is gone and cannot harm you
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its october you guys!

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How to do: Winged eye liner

  1. Draw it on your face
  2. It doesn’t matter if they are perfect
  3. Everyone needs a little chaos in their life
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Anonymous whispered: thank you!

Oh no worries no worries it’s no problem 

Yeah seriously even things like this I don’t mind tagging for it’s no biggie to me I really like having a super organized/tagged blog 

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Anonymous whispered: hello! could you please tag halloween related posts? im kinda sick of seeing so many.

Yep no worries. I’ll just tag stuff as Halloween Post. 

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Summer animation n°2 :

"Les belles nuits d’Été" 

The beautifull summer nights uUu   …..   firefly *U*

Need to catch some insects to get rich and sing “If I was a rich boy, nananana !”

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rubysword whispered: aunt petunia :)
  • Aunt Petunia:What is your favorite flower?

oh man oh man um I am a HUGE fan of delphiniums, I have this lovely pink dwarf variety and they are just so gorgeous I love them!!! I also love queen annes lace though it’s regarded as a weed most of the time I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and would not object to purposefully having some in my garden. It’s what I want as my wedding flower. 

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Being a burden is not actually a bad thing.

Of course you’ll weight on the people you love. We are supposed to lean on them and need their support. 

The trick is, bearing that weight isn’t a source of suffering for your loved ones.

I’m pretty sure carrying your favorite book around weights on your purse, but who wouldn’t want to have their favorite book near them?

including the tags because I feel the same way

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im gonna delete all video games from the world wide web

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Anonymous whispered: I won't lie, I had no idea you were doing a questionnaire and thought someone was asking you about how you felt about molly weasly/hagrid as a ship until I read the rest of the ask

um excuse you molly/hagrid is my otp how rude 

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