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The past is gone and cannot harm you
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I watched footloose for the first time and forever i thought they rebelled by dancing and really stuck it to the Man but there was like 2 dance numbers that were sick as fuck and then they decided no lets dance legally and they did not stick it to the man with their hot dance moves they just appeased the man and had less sick as fuck dance moves

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sirius black having an edgy gothic horror blog on tumblr dot com and refusing to tag for anything except sometimes when he reblogs a wolf there is a very small and lonely “#remus dont look” on it

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Warning: the following may be too badass for you to handle.

Today the Conservatives filed out of the House of Commons in Ottawa early. The NDP followed. Moments later, all the NDP MPs came back into the house and took their seats. They had…

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it is september 20th, the technical start of the autumn season. you sigh to yourself, letting the baseball cap in your hands fall to the ground. it’s no longer summer. your hat is off your head, and not worn backwards. it is no longer time to fucking party.

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Another thing that kills me about work is when customers are nervous to reveal their sexuality to me. Like I have a few regular queer customers who are out to me and I’m out to them (usually because they’re in with their SO’s) and it’s all good and nice. But like today I rang through a lady and she stumbled over the word “partner” and then later mumbled out “her” and every time this happens and I just respond with a smile and continue on with the conversation I can see the relief on customers faces and maaaaaaan I just want my good customers to be happy and relaxed.

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what the fuck bill

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I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but…

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Twisted Ice Tea is my entire life kill me and lay me to rest in a pile of twisted ice tea

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you people should  learn about the goetic demons like for example:


this is prince stolas, he is a long legged owl demon who teaches knowledge about astronomy and herbs to anyone who conjures him

whats not cool about an owl demon

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